Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Penguin Stands Alone???

I've had a few people ask me where i came up with Penguin Stands Alone... This is the sad truth of how it came it be....I've always loved penguins and then i "found out" that penguins are mates for life...(i know this isn't so...i'll get to that)...So i started calling my boyfriend, Penguin. We were "penguins" until we broke up...then i couldn't bare the thought of penguins because it had a sad connotation and i later found out they AREN'T mates for life and was sadly stricken with this information...Two years later i decided to start a blog....I still liked penguins but i didn't want the thought of the old boyfriend to come to mind every time i went to my blog..AND i was married to a new and WONDERFUL man...but i wanted this blog to be about my journey as a strong individual...Penguin Stands Alone came to mind and it just stuck....That's how i became Penguin Stands Alone. A little sad, a little happy.... all true.


SM said...

Ahhhh! Very interesting! Thanks for sharing that. It's a great story. Heard about your sis? How's she doing?

The Lowes said...

i never knew that story, very nice. i'm back btw