Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Workin' it out, yo.

                       Okay so i've been racking my brain lately on how to make my business boom in the direction that III want it to go while still allowing myself to have time for my family.  I'm currently working on creating a website, new business cards, a cohesive portfolio, a new logo, updated price list that will be ready January 2012.  So THAT is where i've been.  I will also be updating this blog since the header looks nothing like me anymore.  Oh.. and for those of you interested... this means that come January 2012 i will be accepting a LIMITED NUMBER of freelance projects... unfortunately this will NOT include logos.  I am focusing my work to illustration and caricatures.  See ya in 2012!!!  Don't worry.. i'll still post until then. :)

Monday, October 03, 2011

in case you thought i died....

...here's evidence that i didn't. i just had a baby so it feels like i died. HAH not to me, to you! i feel so alive! okay well, i feel really tired but i'm still happy. here are some projects that i've been up to.
this is a collection of four quick paintings i did for my hallway. it's my family with everyone as a child. cuz let's face it, we are.
this is a nature painting i did for my new baby girl, Elliot's room. i kinda love doing loose interpretations of things, like these hedgehogs... or porcupines. whatever you think they are. HAH (sorry the picture is so blurry. my camera and picture taking skills suck). and this is the last freelance piece i'll do for a while. poor juli waited forEVER on me since i had so much drawers block doing these. i swear i redid them 50 times. i'm pretty happy with the outcome though... i like the background of this first one the most... it's my favorite part of all three pictures. i always end up liking the smallest simplest things about whatever i draw. something that usually takes no time at all. whatever. HAH (shaking my head) tis life i suppose. and this last piece is just a simple one i did because i got inspired by these two so i just drew them. they say they are lobsters because of the friends quote...if you don't know that quote.. go look it up. i'm not gonna quote it. well... i guess that's it for now... i plan to do more drawings of random people as i get inspired by my friends' pictures on facebook. I figure they are a good break for when i am getting bogged down by my book, WHICH by the way, i haven't even STARTED because of all the freelance i had backed up and then my baby and moving and blah. but i plan to start on it ASAP. i can't wait, it's gonna be fun!!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cupcake Kari

a client saw my witch drawing and requested her picture be in the same pose but with her face. i think it turned out pretty cute.

Monday, April 25, 2011

minor change update.

so this is what i do.. i do a picture.. think i'm done.. and then come back and wanna change just little things to make it better. i changed laura a bit to match stuart more and also gave her more of the gorgeous eyes that she has.
ps. don't be jealous of my bestie. she's hot... and she's mine! hah


after taking some advice from my lovely bro-in-law and loyal commenter, Matt... i gave him some scruff and i think it works! i left it out originally on purpose but i see now that it really needed it. as for the "cool" expression... i'll have to pass matt... stuee is a total nerd :) hehe k thanks!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Tortured Artist

so... i've gotten a few requests in the past to post about how i work. The following is a work in progress? I put a question mark because i'm not sure if i'm THERE yet with the husband... he's a difficult one to capture. anywho... i'm posting my progress here for you to judge me. that's right.. JUDGE.. jerks. step 1: look at my subjects... all angles all pictures i can possibly find...(facebook usually)

step 2: sketch out something i like... (this includes many sketches but i'm only posting one because i always delete these as i do them because looking at the bad ones annoys me, ha) step 3: color... step 4: yes... this is an actual step that without a doubt occurs on almost ALL drawings... i hate something about it, something got lost in translation from sketch to painting and i wanna stab broken bottles into my computer screen. it's healthy, i promise. lucky for this couple... it only happened once... it usually happens on average about 4-5 times. step 5: rework drawing... in this case, start completely over because i hate the way the guy looks and the girl, while super cute, won't match the guy EVER to save my life. step 6: color again... this time... MUCH more successful yet i still don't think i captured the guy.. he is a particularly DIFFICULT subject. (punching him in the arm) don't worry.. it's cool. i know him ;) step 7: analyze my drawing the next day for future revisions. cuz i need fresh eyes. twill see where this one goes...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

which witch?

this is a freelance project. i LOVED working on this one... fun to come up with an original character :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Half of a Pomplamoose.

i love her. she's my musical inspiration for drawing. :)