Thursday, March 16, 2006

some drawings

these are some drawings that i did a while back. i like them but im sure glad that i've gotten better too. I'll post more recent stuff soon.


i drew this angry duck last year but since i've been busy at work, i havent had time to color any other pieces of my work so i guess i'll post old stuff until then.

my mother's birthday

okay... so im a terrible daughter and forgot to mention on here that it is my mother's birthday... so i want to give a shout out to her and all her homies (which i guess would be me and my dad and sisters)... ummm... okay.
I drew this picture of my supervisor one day when i was coming in to ask too many questions. i hadn't worked there that long and im sure he was bit annoyed but... i decided to break out of my "scared to ask questions" rut and just keep asking. this was the face he wore the whole time.

my first day

this is my first day here at blogspot so it may be a while before i get set up. we'll see... im at work right now so i can't exactly type a whole lot.