Wednesday, January 30, 2008


My friend Heather wanted to get her niece a picture for her birthday. Here she is.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Laurie and the monster..

Doesn't that sounds like a children's book? well it's not. but here is what it IS.
This is a painting i did for molly. It is based on a picture that she liked.
This is a client named Laurie. She is super cute and was SOOO fun to draw!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Two new blog headers...

Welp, these are the two i did this weekend for Jessica and Janae. I'm sure you've already seen them on their blogs but... it's the only work i did this weekend so i thought i'd share.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just updating the blog a bit...

So Janae told me how to update my blog so that it's not a template that everyone has seen over and over again... i designed the flowers in the background and even the paper that is used as the foreground. It was fun... a little difficult to design and place everything but still fun. Check out my family blog too. It's updated as well.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Trying to get an illustration job...

Here are a few rushed paintings i did yesterday night and today for this job i realllllllly want as a concept artist.... PRAY FOR ME!!! did i mention i really want this? I gave them a BUTTLOAD of work.... i hope it pays off.

Monday, January 21, 2008

And the winner is....

Thanks everyone for your responses. Though everyone's response was quite intriguing and clever i'd say the winner has to be Molly. Mostly because it was so polite until it got out of character. I hope she doesn't mind that i post it on here. You get a free sketch molly!! Ah the laughter i got from the emails. HA!... Now that i've got that out of system... let's move on..... :)
  • Dear _____,

    Thank you so much for informing me that writing in all caps is like shouting. But incase you were not aware, I did that on purpose.

    What’s rude is telling someone they will not be worth anything, until they die if that. Honestly, you sound like you have issues of your own.

    Good for you that you have so much talent willing to work for you for so little. You must know by experience about burning bridges and what not, thanks for the warning. I wouldn’t want to end up like you.

    yours truly,

    the overbearing drama queen.

    ps. go screw yourself.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

a MORON's response.

Here was his ridiculous and tragic response....... "I had to chuckle at your obvious lack of awarement. You have not even seen what others have done for me, and you have no idea what they are willing to work for. You only have your personal experiences. I understand you have your opinions, but they are only your opinions. Writing in all caps is like shouting, and very rude. I am sorry that you were so offended. But thank you for putting me on notice as to your true nature. In the future, I suggest you not be so rude, unless you want many burned bridges behind you, a failed marriage, and kids who don't like you. Trust me on this, you are way to overbearing. Really, I recognize the personality type. Calm down. Please calm down. Your lashing out was just over the top." i will give a free sketch to anyone who can write the best response to this email just for kicks. I'm done responding to his idiocy though.

Update on an A-hole...

Well, guess what.... it feels good to burn the first bridge of my life.... That guy emailed me back and said the following, "The more I look at your work, the more I like it. Is it possible that you could do two frames in an hour, or would you have compromise the quality too much?".... here was my emailed response. JERK... "Actually when i heard about this job i assumed that it would be a part time job. It's not worth my time when i'm only making $20 per day. I run a freelance business on the side and i charge twice as much for something like what i did for you. I was only willing to compromise when i thought that the amount you were offering would be for a full or part time job. Good artists are NOT underpaid. They are well respected in their field and will accept nothing less than what they are worth. I know a LARGE amount of artists who make very good money for their art. Artists at major and even minor studios are paid well within their means. You should rethink the way you do business with artists, its very unprofessional and almost condescending. Even if you DID pay me more i don't think i would reconsider the offer. You treat artists like they are factory workers. I went to a university and studied art for this career. You are not paying for the amount of time that i put in the piece, you are paying for the time that it took me to become as good as i am. I can guarantee you that if you treated artists as highly as your fellow businessman, you would get someone to work for you and STAY with you for the whole six months perhaps even longer. Consider this when another good artist comes along. sincerely, Lindsay Heinzen" Boy that felt good. :)

Yes.. i DO see in color...

But you wouldn't know it from all of my half-A sketches. Enjoy a little more. Inspired by all the contestants from american idol. Maybe you'll recognize a few.

Friday, January 18, 2008

My short encounter with a nameless A-hole.

So today i had the unfortunate experience of someone treating me like CRAP or perhaps lower because i'm an artist. As you all know i've been working really hard on my freelance and will pretty much take anything at this point just to stay afloat until (if EVER..stupid.) i get a job. Today however was eSPECIALLY annoying. A friend of Enos' told to me about a "cartoonist" job for some guy. I didn't know his name or what the business was for, i only had his email and phone number. So i email this guy and without even answering ANY of my questions regarding his business he request to see my work. Okay fine.. a little abrupt but still fine. (mind you he did not sign the email so i STILL don't know his name). So i send him a bunch of work i've done and wait to hear back... as i'm sending the email i get another email... here's what it says, "Please look at the sample. Please redo it, and make them look like kids. Do NOT spend more than an hour on it, so that I can see what you can do in an hour. :-) If I use it, I will pay you for the submission. I need a person who can do one per day."... so i do exactly as the email tells me and when i'm done... before sending it i call the guy and ask what all of this is for. After avoiding the answer and telling me he's sick he says, "you seem like a really nice girl. I've just got a bunch of calls today and i'm sick and a lot of the people i talk to are under qualified for the position so i save my breath until i've seen that they can actually DO the job." i say, "well, i just wanted to know WHO i was sending my picture to before i sent it, i didn't even know your name." So THEN he tells me in one sentence that he teaches foreign languages to students and uses the cartoons as a way to teach them. Then he tells me to send him the picture i did. I hesitantly send the email praying that the hour's worth of work will get me at least the $20 he promises (i know.. WAYYY underpaid). Then he calls me back and tells me that i am way too good for this job (he goes on and on about how good i am) but that he only pays UP TO $20 dollars. WHAT!?? STUPID. i was like, "umm.. well i guess this wouldn't be a good job for me then because i can't commit to your 6 month schedule with only hopes of getting UP TO $20 a day." He says,"Well, let me tell you, artists are always underpaid. That's just the way the industry is. You probably won't be worth anything until you die IF that."....WHAT A JERK!!!!... UH... O-K. He's like.. "i'll go ahead and pay you twenty dollars for this picture because it's really good." Oh, how KIND of you sir....So he sends me a check via paypal and says,"
Thank you! Remember, when an artist sells his or her work the copyright owner is the buyer." Oh really? is that so? not for 20 bucks it's not!!!!! Here's the work that i STILL OWN .... with different text added for effect.
ps. i never DID find out his name.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Guessing Game

Okay so here's the deal... The bride is based on someone real. They really looked like this on their wedding day(at least mostly, i mean it IS a sketch). I will give a free blog header (or something else if you already have one you like) to the first person who can guess who this is. There's a hykoo to help you guess, courtesy of enos and i. HA. it's so lame but i think it helps.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

To those who are bored.... SHEESH

Jeez.... some of us have JOBS to get and FREELANCE to do... we dont have TIME to update our blogs every other day!!!! (jessica!!) here's my post for the night.... HOPEFULLY if you're NICE i'll have some more tomorrow.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Girls Girls not in THAT way.

So i was looking at InStyle and various other girlie magazines that i've bought from the grocery store and got inspired by some of the pictures i saw... 10 points and perhaps a free sketch of anything you want to the first person to guess who this first lady is....Bon Appetit!
Me when i watch Jaime (remember the naked chef?) on food network.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Too long not to post....

Here are a couple of sketches i did a little while after getting courage to draw again... Like the random mexican in the boy's head? ha. P.S. For those of you who asked me for things... i'm starting them tomorrow... what better time to do freelance than when you haven't been hired yet? 1. Amy's Blog Header 2. Jessica's Family Portrait 3. Molly's Owl Sketch 4. anything i'm forgetting?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Demo Reel

For those of you who didn't get to see my reel... sorry.. i can't put the Pushing Daisies stuff in there because of copyrights and crap like that... But the reel IS finished and i feel marvelously about it. Thanks for all the support.