Wednesday, June 28, 2006


okay so i lied... THIS is my last post before i leave... (i actually might post one more time but.. ) so yeah.. i decided to do a little sketch of myself for the blogspot picture. The background was not done by me... i forget the artists name but i absolutely loved it. I feel bad that i can't remember his name... but yeah.. i'll find out and post it so i can give proper credit.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Little man

I decided to do draw this little boy because i was thinking about kids and how they are so bloody cute sometimes... and i thought you know... i should draw a little man. yes, indeed. that's what i did friends :) i won't be posting anything for a while because i will be out of town and away from civilization so it'll probably be like two weeks before i post something again. Not that anyone looks at this blog anyway (except like my parents.... wa WAA.) anywho.. for those of you i DO know look at this... that's what will be happenin' later :)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

These are both high school inspired. I have a question, why did girls in highschool like these really ugly guys that were popular? I don't understand it. I KNOW i wasn't guilty of that so that's why i am legitimately asking this question. I'm sure the reverse applies too (guys like not so cute girls because they were popular) . Anyway, it just makes me mad. I (like a lot of people) wish i could redo high school and just NOT care what people thought of me. Okay, i'm done venting. The green girl is what i imagine medusa looked like as a teenager a real MAN killer. hA. (cheese) Both of these (as usual) aren't finished. who knows if i'll ever finish them. i'm really bad about that.

Penguins, Hawaiians and Things

Okay i just have to say that i HATE when i draw something that is pretty good before i color it and then i just sketch up some crappy background for it, throw a few photoshop effects on it and the BACKGROUND ends up looking better than my freakin' drawing!! (see Hawaiian girl). Oh well... take these for what they are worth. I'll post more later. The penguin was inspired by a friend on here, i figure, i call this site penguinstandsalone, why haven't i drawn any penguins.

Friday, June 16, 2006


here i am, posting another cat that looks pretty much like the others. But you know what's strange... I'm not even a big fan of cats... so i cant figure it out.. anywho.. it haunts me so i must post.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sketchy Fat Lady

Sketchy as in lines, not as in her business... she's pretty much your average fat lady on a beach. yes... probably waving to her fat son who, unbeknownst to her, is about to be eaten alive by a great white. I'll update her as a progress, this is just a quick color mockup.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Let's talk Cars

Okay so i saw cars this weekend and i must say it was good. At first i thought it was a little slow but then things began to pick up. This film has quite a different pacing than that of Incredibles or Finding Nemo and i think that's why the reviews are kinda mixed. I realize it wasn't meant to be a fast paced film. It was supposed to convey the small town lifestyle of it's locals and how america has lost the concern for one another in an ever advancing world. This I quite admired about the film. That all being said, i would also like to voice my opinion on the opposite side of this argument. I feel a little scared to type this because i know that I, in no way, have the authority or experience to BE saying what i'm about to say but i'm going to say it anyway because i feel it is true. I feel like a lot of people (not everyone of course because we all have different tastes but..) feel like this movie did not quite succeed it's predecessors. PLEASE don't think that I in any way didn't like this film but i feel that as each Pixar movie has come out that we all have come to expect each film to be a bit grander, a bit more mind blowing. Now, as far as technology goes, there were some jaw dropping effects in this film that i could barely wrap my mind around, (namely, the stadium filled with moving cars, how real Bessie's tar looked spilling out, the trees during the cruisin' scene as well as the waterfall, the dust effects, not to mention the BRILLIANT character animation, mean come on, honestly) but as far as story goes, it was a bit, i dunno... stop and go, for me. I'm sorry to say anything remotely bad about Pixar but this is just how i feel. I hope nobody hates me after this and if you have anything more to say i would be glad to hear it. I guess what it all boils down to is I had a certain tingling excitement when I went to see The Incredibles something that gave me hope that in this world of animation where a lot of crappy 3D movies are being pumped out like dirty sewage water, Pixar gave us all a ray of shining light that reminded us why we love this business so much. Cars just felt a bit misplaced among the Pixar films, as if it came along at a time when it would be under appreciated. Again, I did like Cars and OF COURSE it is better than all the 3D animation movies coming out right now but it just didn’t give me that ah-ha moment that each Pixar movie has given me. I’m sorry if you hate me for saying any of this. I’m not being too harsh, I think, I’m just a befuddled fan searching for answers. Maybe i just need to see it again. Actually, i dont think that was ever a question, pretty sure i will see it two more times in the theater.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Sooo... i've been extremely busy animating and whatnot so i THAT'S why i haven't posted anything new. Don't worry... the time will come my friends.... the time WILL come (probably sometime this week) okay... soo i'm not dead and all is well. Speaking of dead, here are some pictures to entertain you so this post isn't boring. These are pictures i did when a was about 11 years old. After these my cousin thought i was cool, letting me into the offical "cool cousin" club. I dont know what made me draw these, maybe too much violent tv? and see, i turned out fine (or did i?)... ha.