Friday, June 29, 2007

The day i dyed my hair orange.

So those of you who know me know i have a weird fetish for ugly things.... like ugly bags or shirts, accessories... stuff like that... well... now it appears i have a love for ALL things ugly... even things that are semi-permanently on me.... like my hair.... i decided it was time to dye my roots... now normally i would dye them black and be done with it... but since i am getting my hair professionally dyed in a month i didn't want to kill my hair with too much dying so i decided to go semi-permanent. then i began thinking about how i could do something different with my hair since it was OONLY semi-permanent... and i was set on the idea that i could dye my roots Copper Red.....yes friends.... this was dumb i know... but again consider my unnatural love for all things ugly and maybe it will make a bit more sense. Of course i come home and tell enos and he makes a disgusted face and says, "uhhh... NO." But i was relentless.... so now i sit here at my computer at work with what you might call "ode to white trash roots" on my hair and i'll have to dye my hair again tonight to prevent any further emotional damage which defeats the whole idea of SAVING my hair with semi-permanent dye. The moral of this story? Suck it up... be grown up and DON'T DYE YOUR HAIR ORANGE(or any other unnatural color for that matter)'s NOT cute or fun or cool. it's extremely non-these things. I'll post pictures before i dye it back tonight.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fun at work

Well... just to show you what i've been up to... yup... that's right... you guessed it... NOTHING. That's why i had time to create this little beaut with a friend from work... i found this picture online and couldn't resist typing a caption courtesy of my friend Ammon.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

what's this? a post the next day???

yes, it's true... im posting again.... the VERY NEXT DAY... and you know why? because i said i wouldn't. The plumber's butt picture was inspired by my dear husband who's crack has become a regular in our home. Also, the kitty in the blinds is something Geoffrey did today that made me cry with hysteria... Naturally i yelled for him to get out but he was in such a bind that he just kinda paused and thought, "well now... how am i gonna get outta this FAST!!?" He was a bit unsuccessful which also contributed to my laughter. i know these are terrible scans again but i didn't have time to fix them because i knew if i waited... they'd never get up here. Also... the boy with the banjo reminds me of Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes because he looks so sad and sweet. Oh emo.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm a liar...get over it.

Yes, it's true... i lie about all my commitments.. if say i'll call you back... i won't. if i say i'll be there... nope. and last but not least... if i SAY i'll post... it won't only NOT happen... it will take several weeks or even MONTHS until i'll actually post again. So there. take that World!!! here are some posts... don't expect anything from me ever again. :) ps. the thing the dog is saying is based on a special i saw on tv about how they are teaching dogs how to sniff out cancer... it works!! weird....