Wednesday, August 29, 2007

travis the peacock

These drawings are mainly for my sister jessica who loves peacocks....their kinda her families mascot....she told me to draw tonight and this is what i was inspired to draw... first i drew the worm robbing the creature by the tree and it just grew from there... the scans aren't great... sorry.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Posting other people's pictures

Soooo... since enos and i don't use our camera... we rely on the Ranes' family to fill our photo albums... here are some recent pictures.... there's one of us camping in what looks like a polygamist fashion as Janae so poignantly pointed out (enos is taking the picture) and then another of our only son raymond sitting with Janae... okay, so it's actually Janae's son but what does SHE need him for? she'll have another one soon... (but she's selfish and therefore hates to share). And finally, a snapshot of enos after a long night of birthday binge drinking... or so the camera portrays... actually he is just drunken with the love of meat.....which Tuscano's provided so Americanly... (it's the kind of place that makes you want to be a vegetarian... but honestly, i'd have to be a floofy pink unicorn to switch to THAT kind of lifestyle)...speaking of unicorns....

Mimi and stuff..

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Too long to post... i know i know...BUT

Yes... the background was added right before i scanned. HA... its horrible.
I know it looks like the little girl on the top left is holding her crotch... sorry about that.. HAHA. (below)
Okay so i have a good excuse...i was on vacation for a week and a half... i know that doesn't account for the other what...2 weeks? ahh screw it. Here are a few things i learned....FIRST off...geoffrey is pure drama...for those of you who DON'T know... he almost caused us to lose the place we live because it turns out that Janae (my good friend who lives upstairs) is allergic. LUCKILY, we don't have to find a new place to live... we'll just buy a really expensive hepa filter but at least it won't cost as much as moving again. SECOND, apparently while we were on vacation... Geoffrey was reckless and ended up cutting himself with his own toe... I've concluded that this was because he is the grandkitty of someone who once owned a chubby hand and could rid herself of it only through extensive steroid and antibiotic use. Geoffrey has fallen victim as well. But it looks like he will be fine. What an unnecessary amount of DRAMA!!!... good thing we love him. I put some pictures up of him to remind everyone how it all started. ( i know... it's a CAT... but i still love him so much) Just a sweet baby boy on mawmaw's stomach. Evil kitty plans.... In his favorite spot between the window and the blinds and yes... he lays on his back frequently. Okay... i'm done being a psychopath about my cat.