Wednesday, November 07, 2007


There are a small CHOICE group of people at work who decided it'd be "funny" if they printed up a piece of morbid art that i did as a child and GIVE IT TO ME and then LAUGH and make jokes about how "this explains so much" and whatnot. Well... it wasn't funny and i was mad... so here's my way of getting back at them....Sorry Rob.. you didn't really do anything but i drew you too.
ps. sorry to those of you who don't get this joke...but this pretty much sums up everyone's personality...from left to right: Ammon, Rob, Matt, Myself


SM said...

HAHAHAHA! You're mean! I love it. I love the one of Rob. I can see his real self in my head. Why does his kid have a gun?

Lindsay said...

Okay.. i was mad about this.. but i wasn't furious or anything.. just irritated. I love the guys i work with. They are like brothers.. which is great cuz i never had brothers.