Monday, October 03, 2011

in case you thought i died....'s evidence that i didn't. i just had a baby so it feels like i died. HAH not to me, to you! i feel so alive! okay well, i feel really tired but i'm still happy. here are some projects that i've been up to.
this is a collection of four quick paintings i did for my hallway. it's my family with everyone as a child. cuz let's face it, we are.
this is a nature painting i did for my new baby girl, Elliot's room. i kinda love doing loose interpretations of things, like these hedgehogs... or porcupines. whatever you think they are. HAH (sorry the picture is so blurry. my camera and picture taking skills suck). and this is the last freelance piece i'll do for a while. poor juli waited forEVER on me since i had so much drawers block doing these. i swear i redid them 50 times. i'm pretty happy with the outcome though... i like the background of this first one the most... it's my favorite part of all three pictures. i always end up liking the smallest simplest things about whatever i draw. something that usually takes no time at all. whatever. HAH (shaking my head) tis life i suppose. and this last piece is just a simple one i did because i got inspired by these two so i just drew them. they say they are lobsters because of the friends quote...if you don't know that quote.. go look it up. i'm not gonna quote it. well... i guess that's it for now... i plan to do more drawings of random people as i get inspired by my friends' pictures on facebook. I figure they are a good break for when i am getting bogged down by my book, WHICH by the way, i haven't even STARTED because of all the freelance i had backed up and then my baby and moving and blah. but i plan to start on it ASAP. i can't wait, it's gonna be fun!!