Thursday, May 25, 2006

Color Experiments

I drew these yesterday when i was feeling frustrated with drawing. It really loosened me up. All i did was take a basic brush in painter classic (it's the only version of painter i have at the office) and made some thick strokes of color and then i drew over them. They were really fun to do. I did them because i'm the kinda person that stares at the patterns and pictures i see in the floor when im in the bathroom somewhere (too much information? ha.) and then i'm like, "i gotta draw these right now! Look at all these cool animals in the tile!" (nerd) I'm deciding more and more that the less you care about the WAY your drawings are gonna turn out and more about enjoying the process, the better they will turn out. They may not turn out great but you have to let go of it. They helped me get outta my rut, anyway is what i'm getting at.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What happened to that kitty you know, he's suddenly a stranger and a bit emo.
And then you start to see something strange, the sly look in their eye has a hint of derange (forgive me i can't rhyme when i don't have time..wait.)
At first you think a kitty is neat, extra handsome than others and really sweet.

Kitty Sketches

I was thinking today about kitties and how strange they are (my is at least). And so i decided to draw some kitties in typical kitty positions.... okay... maybe not. The funny thing is, i know these drawings aren't that great but i just HAD to draw them because they were just too much fun to think about. anywho... here they are.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Safety Bear

i don't know why i post stuff up here before i'm done... i guess i just get excited to post...Nevertheless, here is Safety Bear. Leading the world in safety... he looks like a hall monitor doesn't he?

Sad work

okay last post reminded me that i need to take another life drawing class. I've been looking online everywhere but i can't seem to find one through the internet. how retarded. I guess i'll keep looking. Also, i found this picture of my niece which comforts my fears of aliens ever taking over the world... we need to focus on the more apparent threat... evil, smart babies... super intelligent babies, kinda like that movie called... Baby Genius. Hmmm... not a very good adaptation of what will happen but... i'm still quite certain this event will occur in the next few years... There, you've been warned... Also i was thinking about people who get offended by things whether it be in the media or your next door neighbor, Ken. It's all very stupid, right? I mean, your being offended won't change that person's opinion about 'said topic'. am i right? i dunno... just thought of that but didn't really want to defend my belief of it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Just another sassy girl

here's a girl i drew today. enjoy... or not.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More of mine

Here's a really bad picture of me in front of pixar that was taken last summer. You can't tell but i'm crying. I want to work there so bad. I wish i had some famous artist mentor that could guide me to be a great character designer....that or be an animator. I don't care which because i love them both :)

Uwe Heidschoetter

Okay, so today at work while i had nothing to do. I looked on stephen silver's blog and found this german guy i didn't know about. i absolutely LOVE his style. So i thought i'd show you. The line drawing of the girl is my favorite. It's called "Flow".

Some more old artwork

Okay so, i've been wanting to draw something GOOD (<

Monday, May 01, 2006

Geoffrey our new kitty

Okay... so Enos and i got this new kitty named Geoffrey and he's quite a strange cat.. He does really odd things but ... yeah... anyway... i'll explain later...for now... heeeeerrreee's Geoffrey!!