Monday, October 29, 2007


I'm designing a new blog header right now that will be more personalized than the last blog format i had. It will HOPEFULLY only take a few days... until then.. you'll have to endure the ugliness that is my current TURTLE colored blog. Sorry.... enjoy the turtliness

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween Hooblah

Here are some halloween sketches i did... i was listening to michael buble and trying to do zombie drawings for the art jumble blog so...yeah... here's what i did. Oh... there's also some ron and hermione wedding in there...oh... and did i mention *cough* buffy....(ignore the math... it was for a career test i took... supposedly i should work as a Graphic Designer...hmmm.)

Why I've always hated games...

...okay... i guess it's cuz i'm lazy and i feel like games are a waste of time... but when your time is filled with waiting for assignments from other people at work... i'll be happy to waste my time with a good old fashioned game of tag...blogger tag that is... so i'm supposed to post 6 items about myself (habits, traits, deep dark secrets, etc.) on my blog, then tag 6 more people to do the same. Here are my six....(damn... i thought i could hide these...)
  1. I love High School Musical and Zac Efron. (yes i realize that he and IT are way too young for me but everyone likes SOMEONE or SOMETHING they are ashamed of...right? also... you'll better understand why when you reach number 5)
  2. I hate shoes and socks. (i never wear them at work... my first ritual of the work day is to sit down at my desk, light my candle, get a drink of water and take off my shoes. the shoes remain off until lunchtime and then are again taken off after that...i think i annoy the company downstairs by my casual-ness...who cares... they aren't a real company anyway... no seriously... they sell a fake's a bit scandalous.)
  3. I frequently yell at my superiors and coworkers. (seriously... it's a wonder i still have a job..i know i know... i'm working on it... it's all in good fun (and anger))
  4. I have a plethora of baby clothes.(By no fault or purchasing of my own i own approximately 30 baby outfits...or more because people with babies have decided that i need to stock up "just in case" and have generously donated their goods.)
  5. I am slightly obsessed with "emo" people. (i can't quite put my finger on it....they are so annoyingly depressed and angry or think they are too cool to be your friend but i can't stop staring because it's so DANG irritating!!...enos has this problem too... if you don't know what an "emo"see pictures below..)
  6. I hurt myself at least three times a day. (i don't always know my bodily limits and seem to always hit my elbow or knee or toe on things at least 3 times a hands and toes are COVERED in scars from these events...stupid.)
  7. Okay the people i am tagging are Jessica, Amy, Mother, Father, Tara and Sheriece.. remember... you are supposed to post 6 items about yourself (habits, traits, deep dark secrets, etc.) on your blog, then tag 6 more people to do the same. Good luck.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

So i don't get yelled at...(jessica)

My boss decided that since we'd been working so hard on Pushing Daisies that he would give us the day off tomorrow. As a result, i am taking full advantage of this day off and leaving for California with Tara and the fam so i can take a break from this place known as "utah." Yes i realize i put it in quotes THAT. So yes, i knew if i waited much longer to post i'd get a "yellin' at" via comment from my dear sister Jessica... so this is to refute that (i think that's the right word...refute? yes? a little help?) i'll be back on monday night and will post soon after to display my fruits of fun...(that sounds dirty...oh well). Until then...enjoy these smallish tidbits of drawing-ness. (these aren't meant to be beautiful....they are only doodles during work so save your criticism for the judge (?).

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dos Metros Down

My sister in law Tara asked me to design her blog title when (and if) i had here's what i came up with...


So i woke up this morning feeling well enough to work on some projects since i'm not throwing up anymore...and don't feel as queezy. So here is a project for my friend molly that i decided to do. I liked the concepts of both drawings and thought they'd be fun wall art. My favorite part of BOTH drawings is the owl pattern in the bottom center of the owl simple but so fun and cute..

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just so you know...

i've been sick for the last couple of days and that is why i haven't done anything on here...i'm still feeling gross so it will probably be a few more days until you hear from me..sorry.
Like my visuals? ha...ew.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Removal of the last post....

I've removed the last post about Pushing Daisies from my blog because i can't stand to look at it anymore since we found out this morning that we've dismissed it. After a series of unreasonable deadlines from the crazies running the project and failure to approve anything we turn out. We've quit. I still like the show though and encourage you to watch the next two episodes (and even more if you like it) because i worked on them. The only real definable thing that was ONLY me that worked on it was the frogs....the jumping of them... cuz i animated them.. everything else is a little hard to understand because not everyone knows what i mean by roto or textured...anywho...yeah... that's the news... Don't feel bad for my company we chose this because the people we were working for were very unreasonable, like i said. I love you all and thanks for your support with the show anyway. At least now i don't have to feel the tension at work as i walk in every morning... or pull any ridiculous houred days...but it's still a little depressing... :*(

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Not as evil as i thought....

I'm pretty sure that nobody reads my I hate janae blog anymore because i never post on it... but there's good reason... i thought i'd just publicly go on the record to say that Janae is not as evil as i thought... in fact she may very well be my best friend... here's my way of paying homage with a few things that i like about her.... (a little creepy i know)
The obsession she has with her hair....
....and the impulsive behavior she displays as a result.
the way our weights compliment each other to
a terrifying degree on the sled.
...the way she brings Christmas to early...
(november 14 to be exact)
the way she dresses her spawn in ridiculous (and adorable) outfits....
and then lets me play with them...
....or interrupts my awful day with a glimmer of precious
...and then produces a little MORE hope in the world.
.....even if it means that life sucks a little more for a a few months.
.....her inability to finish projects....
......the obsession she has with her gadgets...
....her mothering skills..... she always has to be different.
...the incredible way in which she has to capture my personality flaws...
and last but not least... i love that she's a little bit crazy like me. No we're literally crazy.......
Thanks Janae.