Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bored at work...

I haven't had a whole lot to do at work so i've been drawing nonstop. Here are some of the fruits of my labors.
The end.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Penguin Stands Alone???

I've had a few people ask me where i came up with Penguin Stands Alone... This is the sad truth of how it came it be....I've always loved penguins and then i "found out" that penguins are mates for life...(i know this isn't so...i'll get to that)...So i started calling my boyfriend, Penguin. We were "penguins" until we broke up...then i couldn't bare the thought of penguins because it had a sad connotation and i later found out they AREN'T mates for life and was sadly stricken with this information...Two years later i decided to start a blog....I still liked penguins but i didn't want the thought of the old boyfriend to come to mind every time i went to my blog..AND i was married to a new and WONDERFUL man...but i wanted this blog to be about my journey as a strong individual...Penguin Stands Alone came to mind and it just stuck....That's how i became Penguin Stands Alone. A little sad, a little happy.... all true.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Crappy Thanksgiving picture...

This is what i draw when i am bored and don't want to really try....I probably shouldn't be showing people this since i've started a business....HA. Oh well...i'll do it anyway...Happy Thanksgiving.

Not Much.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So many scribbles...

Nothing really special... just a post.

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Business (less confusing) CHANGED

Since i'm going to start a business of doing art, i'm posting a price list on here so people can see my prices....Jessica suggested this and i agree....Immediate family still gets free work, Extended family gets half off ....tell your friends about me please!!! i'm trying to get this business off the ground. Thank you everyone!! (especially amy and jessica for pushing me into this...) This is a final price list. You may treat it as such.
Here are prices for the following items.....
  1. Blog Header~$100
  1. Blog Profile Picture~ $30

  1. Caricature~$40 (an exaggerated drawing)

  1. Portrait~$150 (for accurate lifelike portraiture)
  1. Original Character ~$45 per character (this includes animals, cars, basically anything but humans)
***All images are hi resolution according to the purpose it will be used for.
***All prices are based on an average hourly commission .
***All prices include a sketch upon approval, and color and clean up.
***All prices include a digital file only, you have permission to print the image as much as you would like as long as my copyright signature is visible and its not for commercial use. Commercial images are commissioned at a different rate.
***Upgrades are available.

***The times listed are not the timeframe in which you will receive your artwork, this will vary based on my demand and your urgency.

( All artwork will be completed promptly and emailed as soon as possible. I will give you a timeframe when we discuss your inquiry. In general please allow two weeks. This may change as i get in the groove of how things will flow.)

Hope this is less confusing......THANKS EVERYONE!!!!


My Profile Picture

got sick of the old one..

My new header...

This is my final header...hope it makes everyone happy if not... too bad.. i like it. :)

My first professional blog header

Welp... here's the first REAL blog header i've done. Tara's was more of a spur of the moment decision to make it a blog header...which of course means... Tara, if you want something different after seeing this one... that's fine.. i'll fix it. I feel bad now since i feel like this one is 100 times better. Don't feel like i don't love you though...i mean hey... look at MYYYY header... it sucks!!! hahaha... without further ado....Molly's Blog Header....

Friday, November 09, 2007

My own list of junk

I've never done this but i guess there's not any real art to it.
  1. I listened to Christmas music on the christmas station this morning on the way to work and nearly burst into tears. I'm not sure why. I think it's cuz i miss my family or because i've boycotted my anxiety medicine.
  2. (jessica you'll like this one).. Joey Fatone might be visiting in a couple of months as a possible choice for a show we are trying to get funded at work. I don't like Nsync anymore but it makes me excited to think about. My boss is friends with him... or as i like to say... is boyfriend's with him. (he can't fire me for saying that can he?)
  3. I'm at work by MYSELF today... it's depressing...(everyone decided to take the day off instead of taking the day after thanksgiving off...that's crazy isn't it? )
  4. I've been working on an animation that i actually kinda like. Not so much because it's amazing(it's not) but because i like the little boy's personality i've made up in my head. I'll try to post it.
  5. I'm feeling baby hungry right now... like this very moment i mean. Again... a result of the boycott?
  6. Why do so many people grow up and get fat? I don't understand it. It's a little jarring to see someone you've known your whole life as a skinny stick and see them balloon to the size of the moon.
  7. I had a bunch of percocet (11 to be exact) that i had because of an ear surgery but i've long since recovered from the pain but was still taking the percocet because it's too amazing. My friends at work had a seudo-intervention and made me flush them down the toilet. Too much temptation....Sorry Tara... it's not good to be so happy about taking a drug you don't need. God would be mad about it.
  8. My nose has been clogged, runny or drainage-y for a solid 6 months now. I hate that. Doctors don't help.
  9. Enos is such a good husband. He's quite the tender man. Always wants to cuddle and watch tv. It's one of our favorite things to do.
  10. I'm gonna start doing Blog Titles on the side for extra money and because i've found that i absolutely love it. I'll charge 10 dollars an hour and since it takes about 10 hours to do, it'll be about $100. If you know anyone... send them my way. I'm building up a portfolio right now. (molly you're fine, obviously since we talked before i'd decided this.. don't worry.)
  11. Thanks for checking my blogs.. it makes me feel loved.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


There are a small CHOICE group of people at work who decided it'd be "funny" if they printed up a piece of morbid art that i did as a child and GIVE IT TO ME and then LAUGH and make jokes about how "this explains so much" and whatnot. Well... it wasn't funny and i was mad... so here's my way of getting back at them....Sorry Rob.. you didn't really do anything but i drew you too.
ps. sorry to those of you who don't get this joke...but this pretty much sums up everyone's personality...from left to right: Ammon, Rob, Matt, Myself

Hin Heinzen Family Blog

Well after much deliberation... i've split my blog into TWO different blogs... i know this makes it hard for people to WANT to check both but i can't keep sending people i don't know very well to my blog for ART if it's bogged down with comments and family pictures... so the new family blog with all my stories and family pictures will now be at www.hinheinzens.blogspot.com

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Most of you have NO idea how many things i have on my "To Do" list as art projects for everyone... here's a list. After this list is done i'm gonna have to take a break or i'll have a heart attack. okay...enjoy. These are in no specific order because i do them as i feel them. Sorry.
  1. Molly's Blog header (thanks molly for letting me out of some projects!!)
  2. Jessica's Lowe family picture
  3. Amy's Aidan and Lauren picture
  4. Mother's illustrated book of pictures for her seuss-ish poem
  5. Enos' family portrait
i'm sure i've forgotten something.....But just so you know and won't ask me when things will be done... it may be a while. And don't feel guilty for asking... I enjoy doing art for people but the list has kinda gotten long and like i said.. i'll need a break after this.

A LOT of work.

here are my doodles from work this week and a bit of last. enjoy.
Sorry this is a little late i know. I didn't post it right away because i was scared i'd offend. PSHhh..YEAH right!
These are two paintings i did that i don't know where to put yet in our home....or if i even WANT them in our home... sorry the scan is fuzzy.. they didn't fit in the scanner all that well.

Friday, November 02, 2007

I fought the law and the law won?

Okay... so many of you know that i have what is sometimes an "unruley temper." ...Now i'm not the type to throw fits or hit things but i do have a mouth on me when i feel like people are being stupid....Well... after reading Janae's blog the other day about stupid Provo parking and how we have even LESS of it now...i was PISSED. I drove home with anti-Utah tunnel vision and just wanted to get home and relax...Well... (and i don't usually do this, i promise) i drove angry... It mostly stemmed from thinking about utah and it's stupid people and then trying to merge on the highway but having the woman beside me (with her poofy utah hair and smiling SINGING face) being comPLETELY oblivious to everyone around her... i was so irritated by all the accumulative stupidity that i became the stupid one and ripped over two lanes haphazardly without signaling and sped passed the group of morons...well as i checked my rear view again after doing this... i saw a cop car......STUPID. I was so retarded...why did i do that? Well... if i was going to get a ticket i was going to go out strong and fight and tell him EXACTLY why i was speeding....so before he even gets the chance to turn on his lights i begin pulling to the right shoulder and as i pull into the slow lane he finally puts on his lights... I didn't care.. i was still pissed about utah and it's stupid laws and people and i was going to make sure this cop knew how stupid Utah was....He came up to my window and asked, "um... So why exactly were you driving so wrecklessly? That was really dangerous." and i looked at him with anger in my eyes and said, "Because i was mad at the moron woman beside me who was completely unaware of her surroundings. And because i hate utah and all the stupid people in it. " He responded with a slow and deliberate, "well, as far as i know the gates are open on all sides of the state. You don't have to stay here." I got even angry-er. "Actually, i DO have to stay here. My husband is still going to school here so i have no choice." "Well there are stupid drivers wherever you go. Have you been to California?" "Yes, actually i have... utah drivers are still stupider." "Well i'm watching all the people around you drive normal and you start to drive wrecklessly----" (my response) "AND YOU THINK I'M THE IDIOT DRIVER DON'T YOU." (he doesn't respond to that) "----and i'm worried about how dangerous the situation is. Can i see your information?" I hand it to him without a response and he takes it. Then he starts talking about how you can't drive angry...blah blah blah.. i already know this...blah blah blah. And i 'm not even looking at him right now because i don't care. I know he's going to give me a ticket and i know i deserve it but i don't care i'm angry and i want to be so leave me alone... i STILL HATE UTAH!!!!!....then he walks away to his car for a little while and comes back with my information and hands it back to me and says (you won't believe this)...."Hey... it's a beautiful day outside...it's Halloween (yes.. it was) and life is okay... Just take a few deep breaths (he makes the motion of doing this) and release all that anger... There's no reason to be mad.... I mean hey...One good thing about utah... a cop pulls you over for wreckless driving, something that can be cause for suspention of your license and all I'm giving you is a warning.." I was completely dumbfounded... WHAT? i couldn't believe that i just backtalked to this cop, gave him attitude and even rolled my eyes at him and he doesn't give me a ticket... he give me a warning and a bit of helpful therapy... Who knew? I was so astounded that i reached out my hand to shake his. I said, "Umm...thank you, i shouldn't drive angry and i know this...I was just irritated. I'm sorry. Thank you so much. " He continued to give me motivational advice and then sent me on my way and with that i drove home... driving safe and completely flabbergasted. I guess utah doesn't comPLETELY suck.... I guess we shouldn't think that all cops are ego centric, power hungry maniacs. .... Yes i knew this already but now i REALLY know this.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Continuing updates...

It's late and i 'm tired but i HAVE been working on my blog and even though i am not finished and this is NOT the final blog title i'm going to use.. i thought i'd post it to show my progress and let you all know that i haven't forgotten about you or this blog...good night and check saturday afternoon because i plan on having the title done by then. later. Here are some pictures Mica had on her camera for you to enjoy in the mean time...