Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Most of you have NO idea how many things i have on my "To Do" list as art projects for everyone... here's a list. After this list is done i'm gonna have to take a break or i'll have a heart attack. okay...enjoy. These are in no specific order because i do them as i feel them. Sorry.
  1. Molly's Blog header (thanks molly for letting me out of some projects!!)
  2. Jessica's Lowe family picture
  3. Amy's Aidan and Lauren picture
  4. Mother's illustrated book of pictures for her seuss-ish poem
  5. Enos' family portrait
i'm sure i've forgotten something.....But just so you know and won't ask me when things will be done... it may be a while. And don't feel guilty for asking... I enjoy doing art for people but the list has kinda gotten long and like i said.. i'll need a break after this.


Amy Herfurth said...

Lindsay you totally need to start a business with this...it would spread like wild fire and you would be loved by all bloggers!!

Janae said...

Lindsay, you forgot that you were going to vacuum my house, artistically, as well.

SM said...

I agree. I smell a business.

The Lowes said...

yeah, what are u waiting for?? you could stay at home...with a baby.....huh? huh?

by the way, molly is taking up HALF of ur list, not fair.

The Lowes said...

read my blog!!

Molly said...

lol, i am taking up half your list. honestly lindsay, it would totally be okay if you just did my blog header and that it's. and you should totally sell your stuff on etsy!!!