Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two posts before i go to the Happiest Place on Earth

I'm sure this doesn't make sense to anyone but the clients... but it was fun nonetheless :)
family camping.

Monday, September 06, 2010

The FUTURE of P.S.A. (pengiun stands alone)

I would like to take this post to announce that as of January 2011 i will no longer be accepting freelance art from the public. I have recently joined a website called that will allow me to pick my freelance projects that best suit my style and goals as an artist. The good news? i'll be getting a LOT better because i'll be pushing myself!! i will be doing full fledged illustrations to build up my portfolio as a freelance illustrator for children's books while also working on my own children's book which i hope to sell by christmas of next year... but we'll see how long it takes.. i'm not very close to being done. I will sell it on here and in my etsy store once it IS finished. And SPEAKING of etsy... i hope to create some Halloween Goodies this october!! Vampire Kevin, anyone? Dead person tshirt? We shall see. Also.. stay tuned... a WILL be having a giveaway before the holiday season! later lovers.

Cake-y Goodness