Friday, November 09, 2007

My own list of junk

I've never done this but i guess there's not any real art to it.
  1. I listened to Christmas music on the christmas station this morning on the way to work and nearly burst into tears. I'm not sure why. I think it's cuz i miss my family or because i've boycotted my anxiety medicine.
  2. (jessica you'll like this one).. Joey Fatone might be visiting in a couple of months as a possible choice for a show we are trying to get funded at work. I don't like Nsync anymore but it makes me excited to think about. My boss is friends with him... or as i like to say... is boyfriend's with him. (he can't fire me for saying that can he?)
  3. I'm at work by MYSELF today... it's depressing...(everyone decided to take the day off instead of taking the day after thanksgiving off...that's crazy isn't it? )
  4. I've been working on an animation that i actually kinda like. Not so much because it's amazing(it's not) but because i like the little boy's personality i've made up in my head. I'll try to post it.
  5. I'm feeling baby hungry right now... like this very moment i mean. Again... a result of the boycott?
  6. Why do so many people grow up and get fat? I don't understand it. It's a little jarring to see someone you've known your whole life as a skinny stick and see them balloon to the size of the moon.
  7. I had a bunch of percocet (11 to be exact) that i had because of an ear surgery but i've long since recovered from the pain but was still taking the percocet because it's too amazing. My friends at work had a seudo-intervention and made me flush them down the toilet. Too much temptation....Sorry Tara... it's not good to be so happy about taking a drug you don't need. God would be mad about it.
  8. My nose has been clogged, runny or drainage-y for a solid 6 months now. I hate that. Doctors don't help.
  9. Enos is such a good husband. He's quite the tender man. Always wants to cuddle and watch tv. It's one of our favorite things to do.
  10. I'm gonna start doing Blog Titles on the side for extra money and because i've found that i absolutely love it. I'll charge 10 dollars an hour and since it takes about 10 hours to do, it'll be about $100. If you know anyone... send them my way. I'm building up a portfolio right now. (molly you're fine, obviously since we talked before i'd decided this.. don't worry.)
  11. Thanks for checking my blogs.. it makes me feel loved.


Janae said...

I'm very afraid. No birth control, anxiety medicine, or percocet? What?!?!? I mean, it is like you are pregnant already. I think our house is going to explode with all the chemical changes.

Okay, so I had TWO hours of STRONG contractions last night, and I was almost crying they hurt so bad, so at two minutes apart and a minute long, Andrew threw me into his work out clothes and we were going to go to the hospital and then. . . they stopped. So cool. I'm just glad we didn't go in. Henry is such a faker. I think I'm going to have him at home because he keeps faking it and now I don't believe him. Anyway, contractions started again an hour ago and I'm ignoring them (kind-of, except when they make me want to cry).

Are you talking about Raymond growing up and getting fat? So he has a big bottom, he can't help it! Whenever I watch him in the bath, I think, "Wow. That's were the weight is." And you though he had a big head. . .

Hey, do you want to put up the evil branch by branch Christmas tree tonight?

Do you like my comment that is more of an email?

SM said...

I cried listening to storytime on radio Disney this morning. It was Lilo and Stitch.

Cool about the animation you are working on. What's he for?

Baby fever is contagious. Like the plague.

I'm not QUITE the size of the moon.

Who knew my Mormon friend Lindsay would grow up and be a druggie.

Good husbands rock.

I like your blogs.

Molly said...

I so don't have baby fever, thank goodness. I might commit myself if I wanted another right now! Whew, I got my blog title in right in time. But I am going to get you a little gift because I love you and you rock! What kinds of things do you like, I think I know your style.

David & Teresa George said...

I Love your blog title art work Lindsay. I think you could make a little extra money doing those. Love Dad

Bill and Tara said...

um, what does Janae mean, "no birth-control"!?! I was starting to feel silly about giving you all those baby clothes, (because I know deep down I'm a pushy sister and your too patient with me to tell me I'm annoying you), maybe I should keep it up? :) It is taking me nearly an hour to type this comment, due to squishy-Eddie-boy. :) I'll talk to you later! love you! (and your forgiven for the drugs, but I am a little sad about it, maybe Janae will share? *hehe*)

The Lowes said...

YEAH JOEY!! Although, I still LOVE the music, I'm not such a big fan of the boys in it. The coinceded (sp?) jerk, the gay one, the chubby dancer who i KNOW cheats on his wife, the one who still makes music that no one listens to, and the one who was always weird to begin with and has somehow dropped off the face of the earth. Yeah, not so cool of a group there...

Linday you've secretly been baby hungry ever since you got married so shut it! Either get freakin pregnant or HUSH.

I'm too scared to publicly announce that people I know grow up and get fat for fear that I may do the same. have you read my blog today??? I'm on a bad path.

'bout time you started charging people for drawrings. make a price list with more than just blog titles on it. Include pictures and portraits too. Then make lots of money and stay home while you work with babies hanging off of you like me.