Monday, November 12, 2007

My Business (less confusing) CHANGED

Since i'm going to start a business of doing art, i'm posting a price list on here so people can see my prices....Jessica suggested this and i agree....Immediate family still gets free work, Extended family gets half off ....tell your friends about me please!!! i'm trying to get this business off the ground. Thank you everyone!! (especially amy and jessica for pushing me into this...) This is a final price list. You may treat it as such.
Here are prices for the following items.....
  1. Blog Header~$100
  1. Blog Profile Picture~ $30

  1. Caricature~$40 (an exaggerated drawing)

  1. Portrait~$150 (for accurate lifelike portraiture)
  1. Original Character ~$45 per character (this includes animals, cars, basically anything but humans)
***All images are hi resolution according to the purpose it will be used for.
***All prices are based on an average hourly commission .
***All prices include a sketch upon approval, and color and clean up.
***All prices include a digital file only, you have permission to print the image as much as you would like as long as my copyright signature is visible and its not for commercial use. Commercial images are commissioned at a different rate.
***Upgrades are available.

***The times listed are not the timeframe in which you will receive your artwork, this will vary based on my demand and your urgency.

( All artwork will be completed promptly and emailed as soon as possible. I will give you a timeframe when we discuss your inquiry. In general please allow two weeks. This may change as i get in the groove of how things will flow.)

Hope this is less confusing......THANKS EVERYONE!!!!



The Lowes said...

Okay after pondering this all day, these are my thoughts...

The list looks good, but I have a feeling you're going to end up with about 6500 new "friends". My suggestion is this...IMMEDIATE family gets free everything (hehe), extended family receives 50% off and then everyone else pays full price. If I gave all my "friends" 1/2 off my parties that would be no good. This is your business and "friends" will want to help you succeed so make them pay. got it? tell me what you think.

SM said...

Yeah well, since I am your parent's adopted daughter, that makes me your adopted sister... and your immediate family. I'm just sayin'.

Brother Geeeooo-ooorrrge!

The Lowes said...

much better!

Janae said...

Enos is cheaper. I'm going to him instead.

The Lowes said...

what happened to our family picture post? i tried to show it to austin but then it magically and mysteriously disapeared....hmmm

Bill and Tara said...

ya, this is good. I'm going to send people to your blog.