Sunday, June 18, 2006

Penguins, Hawaiians and Things

Okay i just have to say that i HATE when i draw something that is pretty good before i color it and then i just sketch up some crappy background for it, throw a few photoshop effects on it and the BACKGROUND ends up looking better than my freakin' drawing!! (see Hawaiian girl). Oh well... take these for what they are worth. I'll post more later. The penguin was inspired by a friend on here, i figure, i call this site penguinstandsalone, why haven't i drawn any penguins.


Anonymous said...

You are a really good artist. Please post more of your drawings.

Ken Chandler said...

That penquin is hysterical. The Island girl is too cute. Does her hair have a permanent wave, or does it stop waving from time to time? Just curious.