Thursday, May 18, 2006

Safety Bear

i don't know why i post stuff up here before i'm done... i guess i just get excited to post...Nevertheless, here is Safety Bear. Leading the world in safety... he looks like a hall monitor doesn't he?


Jedulous said...

nice rendering on the fur. is there a story behind this, or is it just from the ol' sketchbook? Maye some drawings of him being safe? Like taking a fire extinguisher to a redhead's hair, thinking his head's on fire? Or tackling a kid coz he runs by with scissors? Ugh, that sounds messy.

Jedulous said...

Is there a story behind safety bear, or is it just a fun page out of the ol' sketchbook? Either way, nice render job on the fur. i can imagine him now. Spraing a redheaded kid down point blank with a fire extinguisher, coz he's too dumb to tell the difference between red hair and fire. Or tackling a kid coz he's running with scissors. ew. sounds messy

Thanks for visiting my blog. now we're blog friends!


Jedulous said...

oops, aparently i don't know how to do this. i just posted the same thing twice. are you too embarassed of me now to be my blog friend?

Audrey Gayle said... he doesn't remember you. But I do. So the question is do you remember me??? Congrats on getting that job- take care ya!

Audrey Gayle said...

No wait...he probably does...:P
BTW I like your bear, he's all cuddly- makes me want honey!

S.T. Lewis said...

My guess is that Safety Bear mauls anyone who does something unsafe. Walk down the stairs without holding railing... get your face ripped off. It seems a little counter productive, but how else are we going to learn? Nice bear... looks great.