Thursday, May 25, 2006

Color Experiments

I drew these yesterday when i was feeling frustrated with drawing. It really loosened me up. All i did was take a basic brush in painter classic (it's the only version of painter i have at the office) and made some thick strokes of color and then i drew over them. They were really fun to do. I did them because i'm the kinda person that stares at the patterns and pictures i see in the floor when im in the bathroom somewhere (too much information? ha.) and then i'm like, "i gotta draw these right now! Look at all these cool animals in the tile!" (nerd) I'm deciding more and more that the less you care about the WAY your drawings are gonna turn out and more about enjoying the process, the better they will turn out. They may not turn out great but you have to let go of it. They helped me get outta my rut, anyway is what i'm getting at.


Cale Atkinson said...

Hey Lindsay I love the blog!
You have some really great and fun work on here! I also really enjoyed the variety of things you have been posting. Keep up the stylin work! I look forward to see what turns up next.

animationGiant said...

Wow! I just discovered your blog and really enjoy all of the different shapes that you use in designing your characters. I'll have to try this excercise too. Really fun stuff, I'll be checking out you blog more often now that I found it.

uwe said...

hey lindsay,

I like the cats down there - the static one is cool!!

could you contact me by email concerning my book.