Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sad work

okay last post reminded me that i need to take another life drawing class. I've been looking online everywhere but i can't seem to find one through the internet. how retarded. I guess i'll keep looking. Also, i found this picture of my niece which comforts my fears of aliens ever taking over the world... we need to focus on the more apparent threat... evil, smart babies... super intelligent babies, kinda like that movie called... Baby Genius. Hmmm... not a very good adaptation of what will happen but... i'm still quite certain this event will occur in the next few years... There, you've been warned... Also i was thinking about people who get offended by things whether it be in the media or your next door neighbor, Ken. It's all very stupid, right? I mean, your being offended won't change that person's opinion about 'said topic'. am i right? i dunno... just thought of that but didn't really want to defend my belief of it.

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