Monday, April 25, 2011

minor change update.

so this is what i do.. i do a picture.. think i'm done.. and then come back and wanna change just little things to make it better. i changed laura a bit to match stuart more and also gave her more of the gorgeous eyes that she has.
ps. don't be jealous of my bestie. she's hot... and she's mine! hah


Laura said...

I'll be singing Weezer's "Best Friend" song all daaaay noooow.

You are my bestie and I'm worried that you're getting obsessed with my face so you need to be done now, ok? It's perfect, I'm perfect! Ziiiing!

Thanks again, Poppet. I love it - and I really hope you're done now because I'm going to order the postcards today.

Trik82 said...

So amazingly talented!! Love your work!! I have only just found you and I am addicted!!

Moodi Mumma