Saturday, January 19, 2008

a MORON's response.

Here was his ridiculous and tragic response....... "I had to chuckle at your obvious lack of awarement. You have not even seen what others have done for me, and you have no idea what they are willing to work for. You only have your personal experiences. I understand you have your opinions, but they are only your opinions. Writing in all caps is like shouting, and very rude. I am sorry that you were so offended. But thank you for putting me on notice as to your true nature. In the future, I suggest you not be so rude, unless you want many burned bridges behind you, a failed marriage, and kids who don't like you. Trust me on this, you are way to overbearing. Really, I recognize the personality type. Calm down. Please calm down. Your lashing out was just over the top." i will give a free sketch to anyone who can write the best response to this email just for kicks. I'm done responding to his idiocy though.


Laurie said...

First, I just have to say kudos to you for such a tactful response. It was the email I wish I was clever enough to write. (He wanted TWO sketches in an hour?! Honestly, he deserved an email full of swears, if you ask me. Ha!)

And second? His response reminds ME of the personality type that has so much yuckyness inside himself that he can't contain it and it spills out onto other people. So please don't let him get to you, not even just a tiny bit.

SM said...

W.O.W.... Some people are unreal. When someone stoops to THOSE kinds of lows (failed marriage and kids who don't like you!?!?!?!?) that is when I would generally turn saccharine sweet and disturbingly calm. Though, I might have to make a crack about "awarement" not being a word. WTH!?

mica said...

Why is this man alive?!?! Honestly!I know that's not Christ-like of me to say(type)...but seriously! And in his response, he writes as though he's speaking from experience...Did his marriage fail? Does he have kids? If not, I'm sure his unborn children hate him...

Ryan Hagen said...


Sal Connard!!!!

I believe that's "dirty A-hole" in French. If he teaches foriegn languages I think he'll get it.

Abbie said...

Dear Moron,

I am glad that I don't need to spend any more of time finding out why other artists are so willing, as you put it, to work for you. Sadly for you, my opinions have more value than the judgments you placed on me. Though your own hurtful words really deserve ignoring on my part, I know that I have a wonderful marriage, terrific friends, and a great family who know of my skill as an artist. Your 'advice' to calm down need only be returned to yourself. Unfortunately your own lashing response (which was over the top by the way) shows your ignorant personality type. I thought it best to let you have the last word since you seem like one of those 'personality types' but since you already passed judgment on me, I'll play that type this time. Thank you for reminding me that there are still ignorant moron's in this world that I will have to face and thank you for giving me experience to deal with one on a personal basis.


Please note-your email address will be permanently blocked on my email account so that I may truly have the last word. And let me tell you, it feels WONDERFUL!!! (pardon my rude caps)

So Lindsay... how about that free sketch? :) Ha ha! Seriously though, what a loser. I'll fume with you for a day or two more but then... dang... let's forget that people with opinions like this even exist.

The Lowes said...

puuuuhlleease, gimme his email. i want to sign him up for everything on the entire world wide web.

Bill and Tara said...

Maybe I am a bit immature, but I WOULD sent a response, just to have the last word, and then block his email address. :) I would say something short and simple, like "Thank you for helping to realize how mature and respectful you really are, my appologies, I'm sure all who know you are thrilled with your inspiring example"

what a jerk!

Anonymous said...

(I know you already have a winner but, I just hate that this nasty guy was so rude to you so, this is my nice way of responding. If I knew this wasnt going to be seen by all your family and friends and I had his Email, it would contain much more expletives.)


I knew that you had so many wonderful personality traits that I just couldnt imagine adding judgemental, dictatating, and pyschic. So let me ask you, if I give you an hour and $20 can you tell me why you are set on being a horrible person. Write that answer out and send it back my way, I will be sure to crap all over it and tell you that you are worthless. I am done with our email exchange but, what I do find most alarming is that you teach children. I would hate for any child to be exposed to your soul pollution so hopefully your supervisors will realize that you are underpaid and wont be appreciated until you are dead. Then maybe you can see what the real world is like. And from my personal experience karma can be tough for someone like you. Please do not contact me in the future.

PS - The Golden Rule, you should research this and try to use it more often. (If you need help, I will be glad to send over a scetch for $40. Revisions and rude comments are subject to a price increase)

Janae said...

Write back,

"I changed my mind, I DO WANT TO WORK FOR YOU! See, before I went to my hoighty art school of the Lord, I was a whore. So when you said, "You have not even seen what others have done for me, and you have no idea what they are willing to work for," it really TURNED ME ON.

So, in what way do you want me to work for you, and man, you wouldn't even believe what I'm willing to "work" for.


I think it'll work.