Wednesday, June 13, 2007

what's this? a post the next day???

yes, it's true... im posting again.... the VERY NEXT DAY... and you know why? because i said i wouldn't. The plumber's butt picture was inspired by my dear husband who's crack has become a regular in our home. Also, the kitty in the blinds is something Geoffrey did today that made me cry with hysteria... Naturally i yelled for him to get out but he was in such a bind that he just kinda paused and thought, "well now... how am i gonna get outta this FAST!!?" He was a bit unsuccessful which also contributed to my laughter. i know these are terrible scans again but i didn't have time to fix them because i knew if i waited... they'd never get up here. Also... the boy with the banjo reminds me of Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes because he looks so sad and sweet. Oh emo.


Amy Herfurth said...

I like the fat penquin with the sexy lady penquin!

The Lowes said...

Before I even read what you wrote, I thought that crack looked like Enos', how funny huh? I guess I still remember seeing it during Christmas and vacation of last year. The disco lady is cute, I wish my calves looked like hers.

mauricio salmon said...

yeai!! these are wonderful, looks like you have some really good ideas in your head.