Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm a liar...get over it.

Yes, it's true... i lie about all my commitments.. if say i'll call you back... i won't. if i say i'll be there... nope. and last but not least... if i SAY i'll post... it won't only NOT happen... it will take several weeks or even MONTHS until i'll actually post again. So there. take that World!!! here are some posts... don't expect anything from me ever again. :) ps. the thing the dog is saying is based on a special i saw on tv about how they are teaching dogs how to sniff out cancer... it works!! weird....

1 comment:

The Lowes said...

it's about dad-gum time i see something new on this blog. what the heck what the heck!

nice pictures, the girl with her hair pulled back in two piggies and then the girl at the end looks like you - is that on purpose?

there's this store by my house that has a penguin for it's logo and everytime i drive past it, it reminds me of you. i need to take a photo of it and post it for you.