Thursday, July 20, 2006

More Michigan

Here are a few pictures from my trip to michigan... the little boy is my new adopted nephew Jeremiah. He's so sweet and that's my dad with him. We basically spent every day playing in the lake and we went skiing and tubing too which was fun, i wish we had done that more. I got up on the skis on the first try... it was complete luck though because im blind as a baby platypus and so i was just going on what "felt" right...needless to say, i didn't stay up for very long because i was scared of not being able to see.. OH, i guess i should mention, my contacts had been destroyed earlier that week by Kora my niece... yes, she decided to do science experiments with aftershave in my contact case... oh well, they were old anyway... guess that's pretty much it. I had fun and i REALLY needed the rest...sorry this post is a little boring. ha. :)

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