Saturday, July 22, 2006

even MORE michigan

Okay so i got some better pictures of michigan from my sister (the one with the little girl) and i really like these a lot better so i thought i'd post 'em. My other niece celebrated her first birthday while we were there. i'm sure you are all sick of this trip (hahaa) and YES i WILL post some actual work soon, calm down. (sheesh) okay... enjoy. p.s. III took the picture of the rainbow (yay!)


Ryan said...

Some cute kids and some good pictures....The reflection of the rainbow is pretty dang cool...looks like you had a lot of fun. Look forward to some more of your drawrings:)

mauricio salmon said...

your niece is so adorable. my niece is already a year and a half, god, they grow up so fast. i look forward to some new sketches, i liked the pages you posted before.