Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Bus-y goodness.

these are the other images that will be put on the party bus i designed.
front of bus... the windshield will be in the big gap in the middle with the donkey on the hood.
back of bus. see! they are finally putting it all on! i'll post more pictures once it's finished.


Alys said...

That is fun to see your work being put on something for so many to see!

Carolina said...

OH EM GEE! How cool is that? Your art is all up on a Mexico party bus!! Cool eye candy for all the drunken peeps!!


raschel said...

Lindsay that's awesome!! I LOVE IT! haha!! so stinkin' cute!

Shannon said...

I went by there again early this afternoon to check out the progress. I'm like a kid at christmas, I can't wait! My kids are even worse, ever since seeing it just partially done last night that's ALL they've been talking about. They had almost both sides completed when I went minus the fix up they have to do on the one donkey. I SO wish you were here to see this in person, it's RIDICULOUSLY amazing looking. I <3 you.

j.peri said...

i love your pictures!
you are such a colorful artist!
would you be willing to draw one of me sometime?
my email is

HunDuddle Hussy said...

!!!how excting!!!! ur famous