Friday, July 24, 2009

Inner...Inner City... Inner City Pressure.

You know you're singing it. Don't feel bad for me.. i'm really okay. i just wanted to finish this girl.
...but let's end with a happy sketch.


The Lowe Family said...

take pictures of the place so we can see for real.

Riece said...

Ok, I'll resist the urge to feel bad for you and focus on the ADORABLE bottom sketch. LOVE it! Are there any good people in your ward? Are you getting out and seeing the sights?

Drew said...

Is your favorite jersey covered in lint?

Keep your chin up, I'm sure you'll like it there before long, it's just a huge adjustment.

Laura Robins said...

Hey! I saw this on your other blog and decided to "blog stalk" you x2. Anyway, I don't have your phone number so I can't call and didn't know if you would want me randomly showing up on your doorstep again...but we should hang out. It will help with the lonliness (it gets better, but I've still got it sometimes) and maybe we can check out some cool city things. Let me know.