Friday, August 08, 2008


random beach girl eating her sandwich in haste and selfishness.


Tara and family said...

OK Lindsay, be honest, you were inspired by me. (my kettle corn rice crackers and chocolate/watermelon taffy stash) I like this girl, I can relate, except I am not skinny with nice skin or long hair. :) But really, this is a great image, nice job!

btw- yeah, I didn't quite get the glass necklaces at first either, but I guess "charms" are a "hot trend" this season, and they sell. Whatever sells, right? ;)

(You know you want one)

SM said...

She eats like me. Greedy!! Love it!

David & Teresa George said...

This is your mother chiming in when it comes to eating in haste and selfishness. Well I do share but haste is something i relate to just because I work at Restland and have no time to eat so i must cram it in my piehole and run to my next grieving family. I wish i looked like random beach girl but my daughter Lindsay says that you must love yourself as you are before the other body can come so I will love this random non beach girl. tee heehee

the mutha

David & Teresa George said...

This is Lindsay's random mother and i personally think you are beautiful with beautiful skin hair and are also skinny.

Lindsay's mother

Drew said...

I like her hair. Lush.