Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bee Boy

This is something quick i did with Jade while we were drawing before she went to bed. Also, i just wanted to let everyone know that it will be a while until i post again because i'm pulling all-nighters at work this week until wednesday and then i am moving into my new apartment and don't know when we'll get internet setup. So don't get mad if i don't post for about a week and a half. (i know i know...not like i don't do that ALREADY. sorry)


SM said...

Thanks so much for the card you did yesterday, Linds! Everyone LOOOOVED it! This is a cute one, too.

I forgive you for being a lazy blogger... ;)

Janae said...

Enos and I watched two mini hummingbirds outside the window today. So cool.

Kind of like big bees.

The Lowes said...

yeah so whats new?