Thursday, February 28, 2008

Owl for a day.


The Lowes said...

okay daddy looked up the polar bear issue on snopes and it's all true EXCEPT for the foot picture. they just stuck that with the story but it's actually totally unrelated and belongs to a shotgun accident. but still...amazing.

thanks for clarifying the achilles tidbit. speaking of just that, i watch TLC Baby Story yesterday and they named their son Achilles. Interesting although I wouldn't choose it for my own children.

SM said...

Love your style.

The Lowes said...

u need to change the title to, "an owl for a FEW days."

Bill and Tara said...

I like the background and the dots on the grass, also the texture on the trees. Don't you think it's a little unusual to see 3 owls sitting out in the middle of the daytime? Especially one that is orange, purple, and yellow. It's so awesome! Love ya, Jade

I just wanted to say that your owls are a little wierd because owls don't lives in the days, they aren't alowed to live in the sunlight. They will be creeped out and die. The big one is so amazed, it has frozen! love ya, -Josh

P.S. Don't you think my brother's post is a little nonsense? :) -Jade

Ok Lindsay, sorry, the kids really like your blog, and they both wanted to say something. Love this one BTW! -Tara