Friday, September 14, 2007


Sometimes i just wanna feel pretty... like after looking at pictures of my beautiful sister, Jessica, that she took for her head shots for acting. So i took a picture of myself in a sort of vain and creepy way just to feel better. I just wanted to give you something new to look at on my blog that wouldn't take a whole night of anxiety and drawing denial. thank you. okay so i lied.... i took a picture of SOMEONE who makes me feel pretty... thanks husband.


Bill and Tara said...

Oh how sweet, and doesn't Enos look pretty? J/K he looks HANDSOME. Enos always makes me feel pretty too, like how he always answers the phone when I call...."HELLLO my beautiful sister". (Except he hasn't done that for a while, and I miss it! I guess when one is busy, reminding his wrinkled old sister that she is pretty isn't top on the list. :)
But I imagine he never lets you forget how beautiful you are!!! He better not, or I'll kick his bum!

Well, since we are on this topic, and I have some free time, I'm going to leave a long comment... I think you are SO beautiful, and I tell everyone about how beautiful and talented you are, I am SO proud to have you as my sister-in-law!

As far as you being "pretty", what an understatement. Ok, for starts, your eyes are amazing! I have to admit, I am a bit jealous of your perfect straight nose, nicely curved, rosy cheeks, perfect complexion, darling lips, etc. And your eyes are just GORGEOUS! Very striking. You are lucky your face is pretty symmetrical, mine is a bit askew. :) Ha.

OK, I have embarrassed myself long enough. This is what happens when one gets up early on a saturday morning and has nothing else to do than listen to a 6 month old watch Baby Einstein. Leaving horrendously long comments on life is complete now.

mica said...

i'm with my sister "george", you're more than're delicious:) I'm so excited to see you and take pictures of your deliciousness!

The Lowes said...

u need to go look in the mirror linz, you ARE beautiful! just like i said on the phone, you have great contrast in your face and hair and it makes your face so fun to look at. I wish I had more color like you do, I feel so bland at times.

Janae said...

Enos makes me feel pretty too.

It is only a problem when I'm actually looking very UGLY!

One more day of ugly. One more day.

SM said...

I would tell you how pretty I think you are, but now it would just look like copying. Did anyone tell you you have a nice butt yet? If not, I call it.