Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hey... im posting regularly... aren't you proud?

I don't know how long this streak will last but i hope that someone is enjoying my pictures... i know i'm having a blast drawing them... (well... mostly, except for the occasional anxiety. ps. the guy who looks stressed on the last page is not an original...i copied it from someone's blog because i liked the style. Just didn't wanna take credit since it wasn't mine.


Molly said...

you rock!! I also enjoy your pictures!

The Lowes said...

very nice very nice...i like the larger lady in the bikini, that's how i felt today at the waterpark except i chose NOT to wear my bikini because i knew if i did, i would like like that larger woman.

Amy Herfurth said...

I see my chubby baby on page 2 and on page 6 is someone grabbing that ladies crouch?? I love how each page all the characters sorta interact with each other...hehe!!