Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Palm Tree Experience

Sooo... i made this cake for my cake decorating class... and it looks like this.... it was REALLY delicious. I used a cinnamon swirl cake mix that was really moist and tasted just like a cinnamon roll. DELICIOUS... the design was okay... i had too many greens going on because basically i was trying to finish it really fast so my guests could eat it. I don't think you can tell here but i did stars for the leaves and coconuts (which don't really show up) but yeah... i had carpal tunnel afterwards...ha. :)


mauricio salmon said...

wow that's really cool, it really does look delicious.

The Lowes said...

i think it's fabulosity!! way to go bad you aren't closer and could make the kids' cakes for them on their birthday!


The Lowes said...

still no new posts...are you dead or something?? i'm tired of the palm tree experience, I need a NEW and EXCITING experience!!